Why Choose Us

While choosing the right school the parents should make sure that the school is not just bound to the acadamics but also lays importance on the extra-curricular activities, cultural and sacramental education.

o Stunning architectural design combined with high build quality have resulted in exceptional facilities that include a vast learning Resource centre as SMART CLASS ROOM, ROBOTICS Lab, Well equipped COMPUTER Lab, PHYSICS Lab, CHEMISTRY Lab , BIOLOGY Lab with a number of areas for independent study.

o The site also features great outside spaces, with students able to enjoy sports and cross curricular activities

o We are having stable and well qualified staff with a proven expertise in educating students, We keep a central focus on teaching and learning

o We have a long and valued tradition of providing a vast range of extra-curricular activities, particularly in our Specialist subjects of Science, Robotics, dance , drama, music , Sanskrit and media production.

o Parents and students are kept fully informed at every stage through our curriculum booklets and via website

o It is our aim to maintain a culture of excellence, attendance and Punctuality

o Interactive workshops, Career counseling programs

o Regular arrangement of CW, HW , Correction Work with regular checking

o For the development of different talents, skills and practical knowledge , students parliaments , students cabinet , student court, Saraswati Bal Bank, NCC, scouting- Guiding, St. John Ambulance, Jr Red Cross , Judo, NSS, Environmental Children Regiment, Bhartiyam , Aerobics etc. are taught

o Teaching through the method of audio visuals, Play way and learning by doing methods

o Development of memory and concentration of Mind and spiritual energy through Yoga, meditation and Pranayam

o Arrangement of different internal and external competition for the development of Physical and mental development

o Organization of self composing and story writing competition for the development of creative skills and talents of the students

o Latest scientific methods for the improvement of the handwriting and pronunciation

o For Aptitude development, fine arrangement of computers, art & craft, , Sketching, Band, event organizing, Music, Singing, Playing , dancing and acting

o Different Tour programmes for different classes to develop social , cultural , geographical and practical knowledge of the whole country

o Parents meetings for open suggestions.For the proper development of the students , Home contact by teachers

o Time to time free health check-up and lectures by able doctors

o Free Psychological counseling for psychological problems by famous Psychologist