 Modern Facilities in hostel are available for Girls and boys from class VI to XII . Rooms are adequately furnished with separate bed, neat & clean toilet etc

 Hostel is beefed up with CCTV cameras and well equipped with indoor and outdoor games

 Health of the students is maintained through regular checkups and Physical activities like Yoga, Dhayan and Pranayam

 Students are provided with a balanced nutritious diet. To promote good eating habits and table manners, the children are served food in hygienic Dining hall

 Different inspiring programmes are organized for their cultural, educational, physical, mental and spiritual development

 A sports club has been formed and sports competitions are organized for the all round development of the students

 ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ is also organized and all the residential students participate in it. All the students in the hostel participate in the morning and evening prayer. Music club, Handwriting club, Manas club, Science club and Geeta- Ramayan club have been formed for the educational and mental development of the residential.

 For all round personality development, we invite eminent dignitaries who inspire the students with their speeches, thoughts etc. Apart from this many other activities are organized here so that our students may grow their talents and become ideal citizens of the nation.

 A council including the warden and an Assistant warden looks after the Administration of the hostel , Power back up and water facility is for 24x 7

 A special doubt clearing session is also organized on every Sunday for the residential