Our Alumni Our Pride

BNSD Shiksha Niketan has built a rich tradition of academic excellence, innovative teaching and learning, quality facilities and caring student support. We are proud of our students‟ accomplishments and achievements over the last 31 years.

Witnessing the progress of our alumni gives us immense gratification. Their successful journey into the professional world is an inspiration for our current students. Therefore, we regularly invite our alumni to visit the campus and enlighten the students on the nitty-gritty of the corporate world.

Our alumni live and work across the globe .We are proud of our former students and their many achievements and always look forward to hearing about their experiences after their time at the department.

Our alumni make us proud every day, by both making their own ways in the world and making the world a better place for all who share it. In college, careers, and life itself, our graduates are equipped—intellectually and emotionally, professionally and personally—to choose the path that‟s right for them and follow it diligently and joyfully