Rules And Conduct

1. Time will be from 8:30 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. for class P.G. to III, and from class IV to XII time will be from 7:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. So make an arrangement of notebooks and books before the date.

2. Parents meeting is held in each month. Guardians must visit school to discuss the progress of students and give their important suggestion.

3. Guardians must visit us at the appointed date and time. Besides parents meeting, Guardian should not enter the class rooms especially in primary section. Guardians should have their wards at the gates. They should not proceed towards the classes. For doubts and problems, Guardians should visit us in winter from 3 : 55 p.m. to 4 : 05 p.m. and in Summer from 1 : 55 p.m. to 2 : 05 p.m. for any discussion with class teacher / subject teacher. During the school hours, telephonic message will be noted at the Reception and it will be sent to the concerning person.

4. In case of absence, besides giving information in the whatsapp group of class students should give an application signed by their guardian on the same day or before otherwise 50 will be fined per day. Application may be dropped into the letter box same day or earlier. In case of being absent for three days continously, the name will be struck off and the re-admission will be possible only on depositing 500 after the permission of the Principal. If there is not certified signature of the guardian, the application will be rejected and disciplinary action may be taken.

5. The Permission will not be granted to take away the ward during the school hour. In special or emergency condition, the permission will be granted after the joint permission of the principal, the class teacher and guardian( not any unfamiliar person).

6. Each student will bring fresh vegetarian food in metallic tiffin and also water bottle daily. Guardians who send the lunch box paste name slip and put it in the office. Don‟t send rice, liquid food and non veg. Junk food is harmful for the student such as Biscuits, Namkeen, Sauce, Cakes, Pastry, Bread, Chips etc.

7. The guardians' co-operation is expected for preparing speech for Jayanti of great persons and other programmes.

8. Every guardian must check the student diary every month. Guardian should fill sadachar detail at the end of every month. If the guardians are invited to a programme or for discussion, . Your wards feel inferiority complex if you don't attend and his development is affected. Students must put on neat and clean latest uniform while participating a function in the college.

9. There will be a checking of bag and school uniform on every Monday.

10.We celebrate the birthday of the student whose birthday is celebrated with Gayatri and Vedic method . On that day the student may wear his favourite dress. The information of his birthday will be given to Manjusa Ma'am a day before by his guardian through an application with the help of the class teacher.

11.The students must not come too early. They may come only before 15 minutes of the starting time of the school.

12.Guardians should take over the students after 5 minutes school is over. Guardians must ensure that their wards who come on scooter or bicycle leave and reach home in time. For this, they will have to check their timings and guardians will be responsible for their carelessness.

13.The students who come school by private vehicles must fill up the details of driver with his two newly photographs, photocopy of his Aadhar card and application signed by guardian and class teacher. Only then, he will get admission.

14.Weekly test will be taken in the school note-book only and the test on any other notebook will not be checked and it is also considered as indiscipline.

15.The teaching arrangement in the school is sufficient for students so, there is no need of extra coaching or tuition. Through this, he may be misguided and his progress may be affected.

16.Without permission coaching or tuition is not allowed. If any student is found having tuition without the permission of the Principal, it will come in the violation of the rules. Hence strict action will be taken against this act.

17.Use of Mobile phone is strictly banned in school for the students.

18.Having expensive things as golden ornaments, ring, camera, video games, pendrive etc. is strictly banned for the students in school campus.

19.If there is a change of mobile no., address etc., it must be informed the class teacher as soon as possible so that you may get regular information